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Pastor John Abent and his lovely wife Laurene have faithfully ministered to the Berlin, Ocean Pines community since 1992. In 1992 Pastor John Abent was chosen by the members of FBC to take over the ministry after Pastor Jago. In 1992 Pastor Abent graduated from Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania from the Ministry of Divinity Program.


After just five years the ministry grew enough to build a new facility at 519 South Main Street in Berlin.  So in 1997 the church under the leadership of Pastor Abent built a new 175 seat facility and dedicated it to the Lord in July of 1997. 

Pastor Abent faithfully preaches a fresh message every Sunday, and in 28 years of ministry he has rarely preached the same message twice. All messages are drawn from the pages of the Scriptures through exegetical study of God's Word and applied appropriately to current events and needs. 

As part of His calling, Pastor Abent has a deep understanding of Bible Prophecy and as such makes the Word of God come alive  week after week with keen insights to every day events as seen through the eyes of the Biblical Prophets.

Every Sunday Pastor Abent faithfully,  enthusiastically and respectfully preaches and teaches the Word of God.

Finally, Pastor Abent is also a trained Christian Counselor who is able to apply the Word of God to premarital counseling couples and couples or individuals needing personal counseling as well.




Faith Baptist Church is a warm and friendly church,which exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring glory to God our Father.

We stand strong on the unchanging Word of God and believe it would be better for our ministry to cease to exist than to compromise the Word of God just to  attract and please the world.

At the heart of our ministry is the Christian family. The church , the community and even our country is only as strong as the sum total of all our families. At the heart of every family is a father and a mother who are first devoted to God and His Word. There is no substitute for Godly parents. The church exist to equipment fathers and mothers with the teaching of God's Word and in turn raise their children as a heritage to the Lord. 

Our Music is God centered not worldly centered, which means it must first honor God and His holy character and be founded on the truth of God's Word.  Yes we still use hymnals.

The preaching and teachjing of God's Word is at the very core of everything we do at Faith Baptist Church. Where there is no vision, or revelation from God people perish, therefore it is paramount that every believer be equipped with a working knowledge of God's Word.

Faith Baptist Church use all modern technologies to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. We have a modern sound system and keyboards and we live stream through to Facebook live and Youtube, (channel JNBAP) live streaming every Sunday Morning worship service and our Sunday evening Watchers Report.


Please join us live in person or online. 

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