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The ARC label identifies your church as a local body that simply stands united with other Christian Churches to preserve our freedom to worship as we choose and to express our faith as we choose without Government or NGO entities unlawful and unwarranted interference.


Since the onset of COVID-19 we have seen Federal, State and local government officials overstep their constitutional authority and implement draconian laws that has forced many churches to close or stop meeting for public worship, despite significant efforts made by churches to protect participants from the spread of the virus itself. The rules are being unfairly and unconstitutionally applied to houses of worship across the country. Some Governors have even threatened to confiscate church property if church leaders refuse to comply with their unconstitutional mandates. It is time for churches of all faiths to unit together to protect lives and preserve our God given liberty.

To become an ARC Church click on the Green Give button and select "ARC REGISTRATION FEE" and fill out the form. Cost of registration is a one time $5.00 DONATION. We will email you and confirm your information. We will then mail you your label and contact information.

                                                              Thank you Pastor John A. Abent

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